Ewa Nowak

Ewa Nowak

General Director

A sociologist by education (Jagiellonian University), she has been working in broadly-understood marketing communication for 20 years. She is the Founder and President of Open Media.

After graduating from university, she joined the Warsaw-based Headlines Public Relations Agency and became Communication Director at the Art Meritum Advertising Agency as well as the IQS and QUANT Group Market Research Company. She developed and managed campaigns for such companies as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Bauer Publishing House, ITI and the Polish Foreign Investment Agency. She has prepared, implemented and supervised several hundred communication projects.

“Working on a communication strategy is like suddenly tapping into all the body’s reserves – it is as if you pressed several ‘Start’ buttons all at the same time, and it all kicks into top gear. Analyzing gigabytes of information – the surroundings, facts and events, the ability to read, select, synthetize information and draw conclusions. Experience is key. It is absolutely and certainly the most important element. Work on dozens of projects, hands-on experience with the thorough development of hundreds of campaigns, thousands of situations and millions of conversations. But there is another small thing which is equally important – the thing you colloquially call the “sixth sense”. It’s intuition”.

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