Agnieszka Dźwigoń

Agnieszka Dźwigoń

Senior PR Manager
Media & CSR

She graduated in Theatre Studies and PR from the Jagiellonian University and in Journalism from WSP. She has been working in the PR industry for more than ten years. She has gained experience as a press officer, a journalist for Przekrój and CSR expert at Maspex, where she was involved in the organization of the largest football championship for children: “From the backyard to the stadium – The Tymbark Cup”.

Her vast portfolio includes programs for employees, internal and product PR activities, organization of press briefings and conferences with a 200% turnout, 360° services for the health and beauty, parenting and commercial real estate sectors, as well as CSR activities.

“Your head and the people. What do they have to do with PR? Pretty much everything. You need to lift your head up higher to see more and further into the distance. Without losing sight of the people. But you also run the risk of getting hit on the head. You need to be able to keep your head down when necessary. And then lift it up again. Keep an open mind. Every day, I lift my head up a few times to read the text I have on my corkboard: “A PR campaign which does not bring measurable results is just overblown self-promotion or is a result of idleness.”

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